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The new devices consume up to 45% less electricity. This means that they do not only offer a better energy footprint, but also lower operating costs


The REOVIB MTS series includes single-channel, two-channel and three-channel control units for vibratory conveyor drives

phase angle controllers

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Vibratory conveyor technology made in Germany

Frequency converters

The REOVIB MFS series for vibratory conveyor drives creates a drive voltage and frequency for the vibratory conveyor that is independent of the frequency and level of the mains voltage connected.

Any desired drive frequencies for the vibratory conveyor that are within the device frequency ranges may be set.
The devices function using digital technology and are operated via an LED or an LCD display and buttons. All settings can be carried out from outside, without the housing having to be opened up.

Using technology that has been patented by REO, it is possible, using an appropriate acceleration sensor, to carry out an automatic search and tracking of the resonance frequency of the vibratory conveyor system using the frequency inverters of the REOVIB MFS 168 and REOVIB MFS 268 series. Therefore, the time-consuming mechanical setting of the vibration frequencies can be omitted.

AC magnets

AC Magnets are intended for installation in vibrating conveyor systems that are used in material supply and conveying engineering technology.

The complete AC magnet consists of the core that carries the coil and the accompanying armature.
Alongside our standard product range from 5 VA to 4000 VA, we also offer customer-specific specialised solutions.
On the basis of calculations and long-term tests in companies, optimisations between the coil, the air gap and the magnetic circuit are carried out so that an increased service life can be guaranteed.
In particular for the food and the pharmaceutical industries, we produce corrosion protected vibrating solenoids in a nickel-plated or powder-coated finish that comply with FDA approval FDA FCN 21 CFR 177.1680.

Phase-angle controler

The REOVIB SMART series contains phase angle control devices for use in vibratory conveyor applications.

The devices provide the most important functions for use in vibratory conveyor engineering and they therefore represent a cost-efficient option for controlling vibratory conveyors, and all of this comes in a high-quality design.

Measuring equipment

REOVIB-series measurement and monitoring devices include devices specially developed for vibratory conveying technology. They cover all stages of the process, from verification of the current and voltage values of the conveyor to recording of relevant measurement data for the development and construction of vibratory conveyors and performance monitoring of the vibratory conveyor in running operation. REOVIB measurement and monitoring devices clearly offer a solution to any task.

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Vibratory conveyor technology – Solutions for your vibratory conveyors

Vibratory technology is a specialist field of industrial conveyor systems. It is used for conveying a variety of materials in assembly, packaging and filling machines. Areas of application are extremely wide and varied, for example in industrial assembly automation, pharmaceutical packaging systems, industrial conveyor technology and in food processing and packaging.For more than forty years, REO ELEKTRONIK AG has been proving solution for manufacturers of vibratory conveyors, and REOVIB control units are recognised worldwide as the market leader.Complete solutions for controlling vibratory conveyor technology, from control devices to AC magnets and on to special metrology equipment. The unique combination of REO’s electronic and inductive knowledge and experience, means that vibration technology is our focus, whether for bowl, linear or hopper conveyors – REO can supply the appropriate solution.


REO AG again sets the benchmark with the product launch of the REOVIB MFS 368 series of controllers

REO is launching the world’s most advanced vibratory feeder control system in early 2020, the REOVIB MFS 368. Having a compact design, it combines a wide range of applications with a wide range of security mechanisms and interfaces.

“During the development of the REOVIB MFS 368 we maintained close contact with our customers and partners in order to meet future requirements within the field of Industry 4.0 today. Thanks to the cooperation of our developers at REO and the technicians of the REO Digital Connect 4.0, a startup of REO, which deals exclusively with digitisation and device communication with regard to Industry 4.0, completely new approaches were taken,” concludes Mr. Jörg Rohden, board member and Head of Product Development. “The result is the most state-of-the-art and future-proof control system for vibratory conveyor technology on the market.”

With a range of 110 to 230 volts input while maintaining a constant 205 volt

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